Our Story

Over the years, we noticed many people take medicine as food, going by the number of medicine and the frequency with which they take it daily. This is due to several ailments most of which are borne out of what they eat. Yes, for we are what we eat. This is our main driver and motivation to turn the table around such that instead of taking medicine as food, you would eat food as medicine while enjoying your meals (healthy finger-licking meals)So every ingredient is carefully selected while maintaining the right quantity and quality as we prepare meals with your immediate and future health and safety in mind.

Vision / motto

 healthy finger licking meals

Core Values

Medicinal / Nourishing / delicious– All our meals are intended to improve your health while remaining nourishing and delicious

Quality – We never compromise on using quality products to prepare our meals

Hygiene – Our meals are prepared in very hygienic environments

Safety – Safety of food is paramount to us and we ensure our staff are in good health before being allowed to be involved in food preparation

Freshness – Our meals are majorly prepared on demand to ensure freshness

Excellence – We don’t just prepare meals, but do them in a manner that encompasses our core values thereby embracing excellence